Dads Sing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ With Their Kids (VIDEO)

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What Day is Father’s Day?

What day is Father’s Day?

It’s Sunday June 20th, 2010 and you still have time to get a Father’s Day Greeting card in the mail. We are not talking about internet greeting cards also know as E-cards.  We’re talking about real paper greeting cards From

All you do is go to the site, log in, choose a card, write a heartfelt message to your Father and click send. The rest will be done for you. Your card will be printed, stuffed in an envelope, stamped and delivered by the post office. Don’t wait until it’s too late. After you send your card you will be automatically entered to win some delicious brownies.  Happy Father’s Day!
2010 June 20
2011 June 19
2012 June 17
2013 June 16
2014 June 15

Ballroom Dance Moves

Can Ballroom dance moves bring you closer to your significant other? We’ll that’s what many couples are doing to rekindle flames that have simple gone out. Alright Dads… If you’re in the dumper with your wife, wait for the perfect moment and suggest ballroom dancing as a way get some exercise for the both of you.

It’s pretty obvious that Dancing with the Stars has made us all realize that dancing is not as easy as it seems. It can be quite a strenuous work out. Here’s your chance to get some exercise and get closer to you wife.  So with that said, there are a few ways you can approach the quest to get closer to her.

You could just dive in and take a class somewhere or you could try a video home course. You can find ballroom dance studios in every city you can think of.  Authur Murray is main stay in the world of dance and has studios all over the world.  If you find that too intimidating, get the instructional DVD called Learn and Master Ballroom Dance. Get your ballroom dance moves done from home and then take them to the big stage.

The main benefits of using Learn and Master Ballroom Dance are:

✓Feel confident and comfortable at:
✓Family Parties
✓New Years Eve Parties

Ballroom Dance Moves cover dances such as:
Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, and Swing designed for the beginner.

Learn & Master Ballroom Dance with some practice you’ll learn and master one or all of these dances in no time. Most people are simple afraid to get up and dance and events because they simple dance skills. Getting front of crowds of people can make you feel overwhelmed or intimidated.  Learn your way around the dance floor and then the big stage.

✓The DVD we found has:
✓13 DVDs
✓6 CDs of music
✓a Workbook with 75 pages of dance moves
✓An online support community
✓Dance instructions from Mark and Jaimee

Dad, you this is your chance to take your way to get exercise and turn it into intimacy without having to say a lot. When the right moment arrives, whisper in your wife’s ear and tell her that you still love her and she’s sure to melt. It’s never too late.

And the Winner Is… Father’s Day?

Hello All,

Thank you for participating in the Send a Free Greeting Contest for Mother’s Day. We have a winner of the delicious Brownies!

But First, Don’t forget Father’s Day will be here soon and has started the contest all over again. That’s right, You can be winner of the next batch of delicious Brownies.  You get 4 Decadent Chocolate Brownies from Cookietree Brownies. They’re rich, indulgent, delicious and Kosher Certified. So you still have a chance to get your box.

The Father’s Day contest is sweeter than the last.

1. Send a card to anyone you like for any occasion and you’re automatically entered to win.
2. Get 5 friends or family members to send a card – AUTOMATIC BROWNIE WINNER
3. Signing up for the free gift account is not enough. You must send a card in order to win the prize.

Our Greeting Card System is so powerful you can literally choose a card today and schedule it to go out the week before Father’s Day. That is correct. So what are you waiting for. Send a Free Greeting Today.

AND THE WINNER IS: PAIGE MATUSZYK – Congratulations Paige and thank you for participating in the SendaFreeGreeting Contest  for Mother’s Day. Your Brownies will be delivered by the U. S. Postal Service.

Something For Dad

Send a Free Greeting

Free Greeting Card

Something for Dad realizes it can sometimes be tough for some to find ways to let Dad know how they feel about him. We believe in honoring your Mother and Father equally and when you find it hard to say it with words, you can always say it with a gift for Dad or a card for Dad. seeks to inspire you to communicate with your dad however you see fit. Father’s Day like Mother’s Day should be everyday. If you’ve had a rift with your Dad you can always fix it with a phone call, a greeting card or a gift. Right now at you can send a free greeting card to Dad. All you have to do is go their website, click on the upper right hand banner that says “click here to send a free greeting. You’ll get step by step audio/video instructions on how to send a free greeting card. You can even schedule your card to go out whenever you like. It’s an awesome greeting card system. You can go the site, pick a Father’s Day card and schedule it to go out one week before Father’s Day. Once the card is sent it goes to a central location in Utah and is processed by Send Out Cards. A stamp is added the  card it is is delivered to your Father in the mail before Father’s Day. You say what’s the catch? Is it really free or a trial. It’s really free and there is no trial. You don’t every have to use the system again. is having an on going promotion to get the word out  about their amazing greeting card system. Giving free samples is the way to get the word out. That’s not all! will automatically enter your name in a  drawing  to win some delicious brownies. Don’t worry, they will only mention the first name of the winner to keep things private.  You’ll get 4 Decadent Chocolate Brownies by Cookietree Brownies. They are rich, indulgent, delicious and Kosher Certified. Send your Card Today! By the way. You don’t have send only a Father’s Day Greeting Card. Do you have friend that’s having a birthday? Send them a Birthday card for free!

Enjoy!  Hope You Win

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